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Dragon Aviation is the sole importer of the Aeroprakt A-22 in the UK and Southern Ireland


The CAA now allow training on group owned aircraft (up to 20 syndicate members) Flying schools can set up a syndicate aircraft for AB initio/ conversion training. The Foxbat with it's wide cockpit and great handling is ideal.

Syndicate forming at pool quay grass airfield 5 miles North of welshpool. New Foxbat Super Sport 600 (GA), high specification. 1 1/3 of a share or 2 1/4 of a share available based on valve of £60,000




The Foxbat Sport is the next generation of the A-22, it has smaller aerodynamic surfaces, which gives rise to sportier handling. The remarkable short field performance is virtually the same, however.

The Foxbat is all aluminium construction, not a rag and tube aircraft with primitive design and construction techniques.

Most of the rivets are aviation “buck” rivets, with very few pop rivets. The screens need to be fitted by the builder, but apprentice served aircraft fitters complete all structural riveting at the factory.

The quality of the manufacture and fittings is not usually found in this class of aircraft, for example the wing mounting points have self -aligning spherical bushes fitted. Where a bolt is used as a pivot, there is always a spherical bush or bronze insert fitted to minimise friction and wear.


The assembly is straightforward and can be completed without assistance; a single garage could be used.