Welcome 2019

Hi All,

Best wishes to everyone for 2019 and the forthcoming season and thank you for visiting our recently revised website on this occasion, if not before, where you may already have seen much coverage on the new Vixxen.

Let’s just be clear, the Vixxen is an addition and not a replacement to the Foxbat. Moreover, with the 2nd UK ‘Kelpie’ (simple options to a A22-LS) now flying, there is even more scope to the Aeroprakt range with a wide range of options and accessories including retrofit items.

Vixxen and Kelpie noted, we all here at Dragon would wish you continued pride of ownership with your Foxbat and indeed hope to be able to bring you occasional and valuable news from ourselves and Aeroprakt, including notification where possible i.e. Safety Notices and Service Bulletins*.

Nevertheless, in these days of email saturation, if you would prefer not to be included, please simply use the unsubscribe link on the email.

That’s all for now and in the meantime ‘fly safe’!

Warm regards – Ray.

* Please understand that whilst every effort will be made to relay all Safety Information, it of course remains your primary responsibility as Owner/Operator to make regular checks via the range of media sources including, for example, the LAA. However, if you ever have any uncertainty, then please just call us here Dragon at any time.