Has the Spring come and gone!

With what seems to have been a mercurial weather start to our flying season there is not that much to report from Dragon. That said, with new 2018/2019 Kelpie and Vixxen’s builds now flying, our new workshops have been at capacity since the winter months.

There are however three items of particular note that might be of interest as follows:

See and be seen

With much media addressing Electronic Conspicuity the choices and route forward seems less than simple. Nevertheless, with PilotAware being very well established we have seen an excellent installation carried our by customer Russ (G-FXBA). Have a look at the equally very well presented PAW install summary that Russ has done for all to share.

Cover Up!

With summer upon us already, now might be the time to be thinking about Aircraft Covers for the wintertime albeit many owners are using their Covers to defend from swallows and bird lime (or rather Poo)! Whilst we have seen various Covers from a range of providers, the work that customer John (G-KELP) has done with Sarah at Sky4Covers has given very high quality ‘perfect fit’ Covers for Prop and Fuselage (with Wing Covers now work-in-progress).

See pics in the Gallery and call Sarah on 07896 494039‬ or see website for more info

Re-fuelling made easy

If you are tired of lifting Jerry Cans or using the Hand Pump things (that never seem to last) then we see again that John (G-KELP) has helped enhance the already developed system by Graham Linley now complete with auto-pneumatics. The solution is simple, elegant and effective.

See pics in the Gallery and call Graham on 07976 607597‬ for more info

And finally …

Pictures below, just for interest, of two new Vixxens:

G-NALD   The first Vixxen to go on the UK Register and (inset) flying home to Thruxton


G-CLEH  Just finished Test Flying