About us

Dragon Aviation was founded 1991 as a microlight flying school by Ray Everitt. Over the next few years he became a PFA and BMAA senior inspector. Soon followed by test pilot ratings for both organisations and a FIC instructor rating and he was included on the BMMA technical team.

In 1999 Ray was asked to evaluate the Aeroprakt A22 for UK approval by Gordon Falkner, who intended to import them from Kiev. After visiting the factory it was decided that these aircraft where well suited for the UK at the top end of the market. Ray was employed as the engineer and test pilot responsible for overseeing the approval of the aircraft to Section S. This included extensive test flying which required extensive spin testing. It was decided to call the aircraft the Foxbat in the UK. The first Foxbat, G-FBAT, was permitted in 2000 and from this point on, sales where brisk. In 2003 he took over the UK dealership to also include Southern Ireland. Ray has an honours degree in mechanical engineering complemented by many years of extensive experience in engineering and inspection procedures. Dragon Aviation are therefore able to repair any Foxbat or Vixxen aircraft from minor damage to insurance write-off from dedicated workshop and bodyshop facilities located near Wrexham. Repair work is therefore never sub contracted out to third parties. All fixed wing  LAA aircraft can also be inspected and test flown for permit renewal purposes. We also have a large hanger at Sleap airfield where we conduct test flying and can meet potential customers.



What we can offer

Customer Support

We are here to support you through all the stages of your build. We will always respond quickly to your queries.

Engineering Skills

We have years of experience working in the aviation industry and the skills to ensure we can sort our any technical issues.

Excellent Knowledge

We have a vast and intimate knowledge of the aircraft which we are happy to pass onto you.