Aircraft for Sale

For sale

A22 Foxbat supersport 600kg light aircraft.

Standard aircraft with Rotax 912 uls. 35hrs from new.


£85,000 contact us for more information.





January 2020

For sale    SOLD 

Foxbat Super Sport 600 has been rebuilt using a new airframe following accident damage engine 262 hrs. Sold with new permit, high spec aircraft including BRS cables and mounting.  £69,500


November 2019

A22LS £76,00 SOLD
For sale on behalf of a customer with a change of plan. A very high spec aircraft to be sold when test flying is completed, being anticipated before year end.
Specs: Y stick, cabin heat, carb heat, strobes, 6×6 wheels, BRS brackets and cables (no parachute, which takes about an hour to fit, if you wish to purchase), wing strut fairings, fuselage painted internally, Trig radio and transponder.
Finished in white.
The total cost of this aircraft, including all LAA and CAA fees etc was £81,000.
Aircraft will be at Otherton airfield in a week or so (if it ever dries out!).

September 2019

Foxbat Super Sport 600 for sale £50,000 SOLD

First permit 2015, built as our demonstrator. 112hrs total. New permit. Extras fitted include strut fairings, ram cold air (more BHP), carb heat, 6×6 wheels and trig radio and transponder. Selling due to owner taking delivery of a new A32 vixxen. Aircraft is located at Otherton airfield for viewing.

July 2019

With the Kiev factory in full production, Aeroprakt have offered two additional kit aircraft for the UK.

We have one Vixxen and one Foxbat now available for immediate delivery. Colour choice is open.

Usual pricing and deposit terms apply (see Price List).

Please call or make contact for further information.


June 2018

From our stock, we have a good example of an early A22 microlight (450kg) with classic options and panel fit.

The airframe has a total 850 hrs with a recent engine rebuild by Conair (full details available).

G-CCJV was first permitted 20/04/04 and the current Permit runs to 22/08/18.

Price £37,000 inclusive. SOLD

Please call or make contact for further information.

Also to see a video of short field evaluation, click here