John Mann covering his wing under supervision at Dragon Aviation's workshop.


The A-22 is a non-aerobatic two seat aircraft designed for recreational flying and primary training in daytime VMC from grass or hard runways of around 250 metres in length (some aircraft are operated from as little as 150 metres). It is a metal airframed high-wing strut-braced monoplane with side by side seating and extensive cockpit glazing. The fixed landing gear has hydraulic brakes and a steerable nosewheel linked to the rudder pedals. The standard power unit is a Rotax 912ULS driving a ground adjustable Kiev or DUC three blade prop or an Airmaster  electrical VP propeller.

Two wing-tanks give a quoted fuel capacity of 90 litres or 114 litres as an option in two wing tanks.

The Foxbat Super Sport 600 is now available with the Rotax 912iS engine, this engine offers improved reliability and reduced fuel consumption. This option costs £3430 + VAT and you will require an engine management instrument, at around £2000. The installation is quite complex and requires more skills than needed for the std engine.
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The Foxbat Super Sport microlight has the same fabric covering on the wings as the previous Sport model, but has the undercarriage as per the '600.
The climb rate is around 1200ft/min at 450kg, and 1500ft/min solo. The VNE is 120 mph, (140 mph for the '600)  other limitations are as per the '600
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