Delivery to my workshop usually takes about 9 weeks.  Delivery to customer can be arranged POA.  A deposit of £5000 is required.


Aircraft                                            Price (£)                                                     Total Price inc VAT(£)

450kg Microlight                         34,942                                                         41,930

600kg Light Aircraft                   35,942                                                        43,130

600kg Glider Tug                         37,742                                                        45,290


See LAA website for LAA costs,


Balance due as cleared funds 10 days before delivery.


Included in the kit price:

Rotax 912 uls 100bhp

Kiev 3 blade ground adjustable prop

Covering materials

Paint (metallic extra)

VFR instruments

Registration Letters

Wiring materials, switches etc.

It is not necessary to buy anything more for  a basic VFR aircraft.


Pre-fabricated airframe kit as supplied

Fuselage monocoque, wings, tailplane, fin, all control surfaces and operating systems, engine mounts, main u/c legs, nose-leg, wheels and tyres, disc brakes and hydraulics, doors, windows, all GRP mouldings, carpets, fuel tanks and gauges. Every component is fully pre-fabricated, finished and riveted ready for final assembly with all fastenings supplied.

Your kit comes with a step-by-step build manual. Each page has an easily grasped exploded drawing and a description of the work. You will need a suitable sized workshop such as a large-car garage and basic hand tools. The kit is not difficult to assemble and can fairly be described as "quick-build". Rotating wing trestles make fabric covering very easy and we can supply these on free loan. We provide a comprehensive kit support service by telephone, fax, post, and email but workshop visits will normally incur a charge for travelling expenses.  



Optional Extras



Dual yokes (not microlight)


‘’Y’’ stick


Aluminium rear fuselage (small windows)

£1267 (£1520 inc VAT)


£260  (£312 inc vat)


£180 (£216 inc VAT)

Cockpit heater

£350  (£420inc. VAT)

Cockpit velour covering

£200  (£230 inc. VAT)

Metallic paint

£500  (£575 inc. VAT)


£300 (£360 inc VAT)

Assisted build


8.00X6 wheels


6.00x6 wheels




£210 (£252 inc VAT)


£100 (115 inc VAT)

Carb heat

£520 (£624inc VAT)

Key locks for doors


£110 (£126 inc VAT)

Test flying Schedule  


Ballistic recovery system


Paint inside fuselage


2 X 57 ltr. Fuel tanks 


Wing strut fairings  


Trefolight dash   


Rudder springs        

£320  (£368 inc. VAT)


£3508 (£4210 inc VAT)


£810 (£972 inc VAT)


£305 (£360 inc VAT)


£389 (£467 inc VAT)


£395 (£464 inc VAT)


£310 (£342 inc VAT)